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In-House Training




Most companies think of training needs on a departmental basis, which is fine, but very often an inter-departmental approach to training needs to be taken. Topics such as Validation, GMP Compliance, Quality Assurance, are such that all staff in several departments need to interact to attain optimal understanding of how a topic impacts them and how they impact others. See our course listing.

Globepharm has provided hundreds of in-house training sessions to thousands of company staff. Our sessions are dynamic, hard-hitting, and as many of our students tell as “the best training session they have ever had”.

Unique Advantages of Globepharm In-House Training

You have the same message delivered to multi-discipline project teams – and the teams have the opportunity to discuss the issues from their own perspectives, and to resolve company concerns under the impartial expertise of the instructor – a major enhancement to inter-departmental communications

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We sign confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements allowing frank and free discussions of your unique problems;

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You have permission to video-tape the presentation for your in-house use at a later time (as a refresher course, or as a make-up course, or a course for new staff) – at no extra charge;

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We have the ability, within some constraints, to customize the course to meet your specific needs – we can expand or minimize elements of the course, and even add topics of specific importance to you. We can personalize the course by taking digital photos of your operations and incorporating them into the course – clients tell us that this is an incredibly powerful training technique;

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Your personnel are more productive – they do not lose time traveling to/from publicly presented seminars and educational opportunities, nor do they need to mentally reacclimatize to ‘work mode’;

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Our courses are cost-effective. You can have up to forty staff members trained in-house for the same cost as sending two or three staff members to a publicly offered continuing education opportunity.

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“Todas las sesiones y módulos de capacitación de Globepharm Consulting se ofrecen también en español.

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