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Individual e-Learning


  • Preparing For, and Passing, an FDA Inspection – guaranteed!
    The total package you need to know in order to pass an FDA Inspection first time through.
    Full Description | Demo | Buy
  • Managing the QC Laboratory in a GMP Compliant Manner
    Ensure that your QC laboratory works in a manner that will not place your company at risk
    Full Description | Demo | Buy
  • Fundamentals and Essentials of Validation
    The complete guide to the most complex and time-consuming or GMP-related activity; everything you need to know from A-Z (and then some!) to efficiently and effectively qualify equipment and validate processes+systems
    Full Description | Demo | Buy
  • Effective Investigation and Corrective Actions (CAPA)
    Proper investigation of quality events - or what to do when bad stuff happens!
    Full Description
    | Demo | Buy
  • Effective Quality Assurance Auditing
    Effective quality assurance auditing for internal audits, contractor and supplier audits; ensuring that your audits have the desired impact on operators and managers
    Full Description | Demo | Buy
  • More courses are being added all the time.

In this section...

e-Learning Participants

If you have already purchased a licence register here:

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Globepharm’s e-learning modules provide the ability to study GMP related topics, thoroughly and completely at your own pace, and in a manner that meets your specific schedule and work needs. Wherever you have a laptop – at work, at home, on the road; you can take advantage of Globepharm’s unique e-learning opportunities.

Advantages of Globepharm e-learning

Globepharm’s e-learning seminars are the identical 6 hours of Globepharm seminar instruction that you will have participated in had you attended Globepharm’s publicly held seminars, or if Globepharm’s lecturers had provided an in-house training course at your company; but it has several distinct advantages:



You study at your own pace, undisturbed by others;

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You study at the time that most suits your learning style – early riser or night hawk, study at a time and place that is most convenient to you (and if you want to study in your pajamas or in your pyjamas we won’t tell anyone);

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This is an on-line course – if you need to travel on business, then if you are flying on an aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi, as more and more aircraft are, you can study during the boring flight hours; or if due to jet lag you are wide awake in a strange city in the middle of the night, then you can use the “wasted” awake time to be productive and connect to your Globepharm training course;

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the training course is broken down into modules, each module has its own assessment exercises. If you get into difficulties you will know sooner rather than later;

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you, or your company, can set the criteria for “pass” or “fail” (which would mean that you need to take the course again, or to discuss the issues with your company’s experts, or you can correspond directly with the Globepharm course lecturer to seek answers).

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Your company can state a timeframe within which you need to complete the course (say within 1 day, or 1 week, or 1 month or 3 months of starting)

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Complete the course and receive a Globepharm certification of attendance and gain Continuing Education Unit credits (particularly useful if your profession demands evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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E-learning modules can be purchased as licenses. Purchase a single module for a single individual (US$ 595/module); or purchase 2-25 licenses (U$ 495/modue) which allow either one person to take up to 25 courses; or 25 different people to take different courses of their choice; or for the best value select the 26 – 50 license package (US$ 395/module).

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