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Expert Testimony



Globepharm Consulting provides effective and hard-hitting Expert Testimony on all legal matters relating to pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We have provided Expert Testimony to the US Congress and in British and American court cases involving GMP matters. Cases that we have been involved with include:

Clifford Chance - London, United Kingdom

Expert testimony as to whether a purchased biotechnology facility meet GMP claimed in the purchase documents.

Hedlund, Hanley and John - Chicago, USA

Expert testimony where pharmaceutical company alleges a chemical supplier did not follow GMP.

John Sweeney - Los Angeles, USA

Expert testimony where plaintiffs allege medical device company did not follow Quality System Regulations (QSR) in design of the medical device.

Wechsler, Skirnick - New York, USA

Expert testimony for a shareholder law suite alleging that a lack of the company's following GMP, lead to substantial loss of shareholder earnings and value.

US Congress, USA

Expert testimony on impact of proposed GMP regulations on exports of the United States pharmaceutical industry.

US Food and Drug Administration, USA
(via US Department of Justice)

Expert testimony as "independent assessor" in court case where healthcare manufacturer was being sued by the US-FDA.




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