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About Globepharm


Globepharm specializes in the practical implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) And Quality Systems by healthcare manufacturers, throughout the world.

We believe that if we can get our clients to the point where they no longer need our services, then we have been successful. Our mission derives from the question of “do you give a person a fish, or do you teach them to fish?”. We are teachers providing the tools for our client's successes. Whether these tools involve professional consulting services, or provision of expert and effective training, or both – we work with you to ensure your success.

Our clients are located throughout the world in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient/Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical (API/BPC), the biotechnology, blood products, diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical fields. They range from the largest multi-national companies to the “yet to be born companies” to routinely working with the world's regulatory agencies.

Find out more about the people at Globepharm or our services:

Globepharm Consulting (formerly Interpharm Consulting)has been advising clients, large and small, in 27 countries for almost 20 years.

Over 160 professional, continuing education, seminars and conferences on different topics have been presented in-house and publicly. Find detailed information on our courses and the benefits of in-house training in the Seminar section.

Expert Witness Testimony
We have provided Expert Testimony to the US Congress and in British and United States courts in cases involving GMP matters.

...and if you have a GMP question ask us for an answer - most questions can be answered for free.



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